Specialised Services

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

The best & most effective method of cleaning your sewer & storm water drainage. Our machines clear pipelines up to 225mm with ease using the latest in purpose built jetter nozzles for each application. Whether it be an emergency blockage or the recommended programmed maintenance, we can meet your needs.

hydrojet 1

camera 2

Pipeline Camera & Locator
Using the latest twin reel camera unit imported from Europe we can inspect the insides of pipes ranging in sizes from 50mm – 400mm. The latest technology allows us to gain access through an inspection opening, gully or even a toilet pan which ensures a full survey can take place. The camera head contains a locating sonde transmitter which allows us to use a locator to pin point the location & depth of a potential problem which in turn minimises any digging that may need to occur. The unit has recording facilities & metre counter which makes for producing a detailed report a simple operation.

Leak Detection

Using the latest in leak detection technology imported from the USA our unit uses acoustic
frequencies to locate that leak underground or in a structure that isn’t visible with the naked eye.

Along with our locator we can find that pipe work & the leak to rectify any problem large or small.



Backflow Prevention & Testing
Back flow, a plumbing term used to describe the reverse flow of polluted or contaminated sources into the water supply. At Environ Plumbing we are trained & certified to install & commission these valves to prevent back flow along with the required annual testing. These devices are required in a majority of commercial & industrial facilities.

Under floor heating

We are one of only a few certified hydronic under floor heating installers for Rehau, the world leader in this field. This system is installed in the concrete slab or under timber flooring in any
building with low pressure hot water circulating throughout. This process creates an ambient heat rather than the typical radiant heat giving it the most economical running costs of all products on the market. This system is used extensively throughout Europe & has now been introduced to the Australian market.

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